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Indoors, outdoors,
on the deck,
in the woods
or by the pond...

Wherever you tend plants,
Snavely's has
what you need to
get the job done right.

Most important
Garden Supply is
"Good Information"
And it's FREE at
Snavely's Garden Corner
with any purchase,
every day!

We are on

click here to check out
some of
what we have to offer!

Snavely's Garden Corner is Chambersburg and Hagerstown's place for
traditional and hard to find Garden Supplies.

We have them or can get them. And guess what... We know how to use them too.
Check out some of the brands we carry and never hesitate to ask us for help.

Lawn and Garden Problem Solvers
and Animal Controls and Repellents

Lawn Care

Plant Care

Soils and Amendments

Tools and Equipment

Watering Goods

Water Gardening

Pots and Planters

Garden Accessories

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